Posted by: senorwx | March 16, 2015

It’s Not Over Yet

Monday morning and the rain continues in San Pancho. Light rain could continue through tomorrow.

In the last 24 hours we’ve had 2 inches of rain and temperatures are in the mid-60s. A huge low pressure system covers all of Central Mexico, coast to coast.

For those celebrating the long holiday weekend the weather has been disappointing.

For the record books, it’s the first real rainstorm we’ve had since 2009, an all time record for the San Pancho Weather Station.

How do I explain this to my guests who arrive this afternoon?

Posted by: senorwx | March 15, 2015

What’s that stuff falling from the sky?

Once again San Pancho is experiencing rain in March.

This is record-breaking because since the San Pancho Weather Station first went online, there has never before been measurable rainfall in March or April.

The first rainfall was only 0.06 inches. Today’s rain will be more significant, creeping past 0.11 as I write. Enough to break my no-rain guarantee of a month ago. And on a holiday weekend no less!

We’re just on the edge of a huge cloud cover over all of central Mexico. Take a look at it here:

My apologies. You’d think I’d know better than making a weather prediction. You’d think.

Posted by: senorwx | March 9, 2015

Take note: It Rained in March 2015

With not even a trace of rain for any March in San Pancho since 2009, that record was broken today. Embraced by a huge cloud cover overhead, we (so far) have received 0.06 inches of rain.

That’s hardly a downpour, but it is unique. For those of us living here, its a nice break. For those on vacation, our apologies. This isn’t supposed to happen.

For what its worth, the Puerto Vallarta forecast is calling for rain over the upcoming weekend.

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