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2014 – A Hot Time in San Pancho

April through December 2014 was the hottest of times in San Pancho on the Riviera Nayarit. If you were here all that time, this blog confirms your first hand experience. If you missed some of it, be thankful. High temperature readings were set through most of the year, based on the San Pancho Weather Station records reaching back to 2008.

The annual average high temperature was 89.5 F, higher than the average for all the years on record.

The monthly high temperature for every month from April through October was higher than for all of those months back to 2008:

Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct
84.3 80.5 85.9 87.5 90.9 94.2 94.3

The annual high temperature was recorded in July at 94.3 F.

If you’re wondering about the heat index readings for the year, you won’t be surprised. The highest annual average heat index by far of any year: 103.23 F. The closest we ever got to that was in 2009 with 101.74 F with unusually high readings that year in August and September.

The annual high heat index reading came in July at 119.6 F. Yes, the highest on record.

While we rarely mention it, the San Pancho Weather Station maintains records on how many hours of sunshine we have each day. But it deserves attention because there’s a near record for 2014. If you were counting, we had 3073 hours of sunshine, second only to 3347 hours in 2012.

The average UV index for the year was 9.09 (extremely dangerous level), the highest since 2010.

Rain. The most watched measurement of all. And probably most controversial. We often feel that it has rained more or less than recorded at the Weather Station (where rain is measured in 1/100th increments). Big variations across town or across the street can and do occur. Just remember the old political saw: all rain is local.

The first rains came in May. June was the rainiest month , bringing 11.83 inches (30.05 cm) to San Francisco, Nayarit.

Total Annual Precipitation in San Pancho for 2014: 42.49 inches (107.92 cm). No records set here. In fact, it was a quite ordinary year for rain. The average annual amount for the years on record is 42.98 inches (109.17 cm). Can’t much more average than that. (Editors note: this number is accurate as of 12/20/14.)

As always, these stats and much much more are always available on the Statistics page at The San Pancho Weather Station.

My thanks to those who enjoy following the Weather Station site. My crew (Oro, Paloma, Chica and Cana) appreciate your interest and kind comments. As we look ahead to the new year, I plan to provide the weather readings using the metric system.

Mexico uses the metric standard as do all our friends from Canada. It has always concerned me that I haven’t been able to provide that. If my skills hold out, the Weather Station will introduce the readings where you, gentle reader, can choose between the metrics and the English standard (inches, F., pounds, stones and other weird measures ).

Thanks again for your support during the most difficult year personally. Treasure your friends and family in the days ahead. They are your most precious blessings.


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November by the Numbers

Rain in November is unusual in our pueblo. This has been a most unusual eleventh month of the year in San Francisco. The total rainfall was 4.53 inches (11.4 cm), more than any other other year on record at the San Pancho Weather Station. The previous high total was a modest .7 inches (1.7 cm) last November. Every other year it was only a trace amount.

Lest you think that’s the end of rain for the calendar year, it might not be. The record books show we had 3 inches (7.6 cm) last December of and again in 2009. Other years had only a trace. With six years on record, I’d say we have a 30% chance of rain during the holiday month. Hopefully it won’t occur at the end of the year.

The high temperature for the month was 92 F (33 C) just a few days ago, November 27. The high heat index was 102.8 (40 C) on November 7.

For those of us who thought summer would never end (until the rains came), this year is on the way to being the warmest we have on record with the annual average temperature (average all the days in the year) of 78.7 F (26 C), a full degree more than any other year. Cooler temperatures in December might destroy that record, so we’ll have to wait to see.

Low temperatures for November dipped down to 58.6 F (15 C) on November 28, a virtual tie with the low for the year recorded back on February 28 when it dipped to 57.9 F (14.3 C), the all-time low in San Pancho.

In the future, expect daytime high temperatures in December to be in the mid to low 70’s F (23 C). Our San Pancho low early morning temperatures will be around 60 F (15.5 C), though the past two years have been above that mark. Early morning low readings will be chilly, but it is hard to predict.

December 2013 only got down to 66 F (19 C) and 2012 the low for the month was 62 F (17 C). From 2009 to 2012 the low temperatures ranged from 57 F (14 C) to 58.6 F (15 C), and we’ve already been down in that range this year. So I’ll let you do the low temperature forecast for this month. You can bank on temperatures not lower than the mid to upper 50’s (14 C). A light blanket or good friend will do.

We will have no frost days. No wind chill temperatures. No wind more than 15 mph (24 kmh). And a reasonably good chance of no rain days.

Look up! Whether your outside during the day to take in San Pancho’s beautiful blue skies or at night when it seems you can see the entire universe on a clear night, look up, smile and enjoy! You’re going to love December in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico – on the Riviera Nayarit.


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Four Inches of Rain in November

This is a lot of rain for November. With today’s rainfall we’ve had  more than four inches for the month!  It’s an all-time record! The previous record? About three quarters of an inch last year. All other Novembers had only a trace.

The low pressure system about 250 miles west of San Pancho is producing the rain, which is expected to continue through tonight. There is virtually no chance of it becoming a hurricane.

It’s interesting to note that we have had nearly four inches of rain in some past Decembers.

While things have finally cooled off in San Pancho, 71 degrees this morning, they sure haven’t dried out! If you are here on vacation, our apologies!

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