Posted by: senorwx | October 1, 2007

September 2007 Summary

Rabbit, rabbit!

My esposa says a friend of hers from Boston said this magic incantation on the first day of each month. Supposed to bring you good luck for the new month. Rabbit, rabbit.

September was cooler than usual. That according to reliable sources who’ve lived in San Pancho for several years. But we had some really hot spells too, with the Heat Index reaching 107 degrees for a few minutes one day late in the month.

Rainfall? About 8 inches total for September, bringing us to 27 inches for the year to date. And one long period without rain (see previous blog entry): Sept 12 – 20. Most rain in one day? More than 2 inches on September 23rd.

Average temperatre for the month was 81.9 F . The yearly average so far is virtually the same: 82.0 F (27.8 C).

It’ll get cooler now, right?

If you want more numbers and statistics and the complete database from the San Pancho weather station, here’s the address at the Weather Underground:

Happy browsing and Happy October! Rabbit, rabbit.


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