Posted by: senorwx | December 23, 2007

December 2007 Summary

December looks like it will be a “normal” month, with the usual average temperatures and rainfall.

Really not much of the later. In fact, only a trace amount of rain: less than a 10th of an inch. And that’s really not rain! It’s actually the rain guage measuring trace amounts of water – the early morning dew. The same dew that collects on your car around sunrise. The same dew that guarantees the San Pancho dust will stick to your car for the day!

For the year, we’ll have just a bit over 30 inches of rain: 30.19 to be exact.

Temperatures have certainly moderated. The low for December 2007 (through the 23rd) was 58 F (14.5C) at sunrise on the 17th. The high for December? It was 85 F (29 C) on December 1st! Clearly the temperatures of the season past!

Now we’ve had our full moon, the highest tides of the year, and the comforter on the bed at night. Little did I think we’d turn into such warm weather wimps that we’d need a comforter just because the temperature dipped below 60!

But then, when my son and his family arrive from New England to begin their Christmas visit with us tomorrow, I know they’ll bask in our 75 degree daytime temperatures! And what a wonderful holiday gift for us to have them visit!

From San Pancho Weather, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year … and yes, Merry Christmas!


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