Posted by: senorwx | January 14, 2008

2007 Weather Summary from San Pancho

It looks like 2007 was a typical weather year in San Pancho with no unusual activity to report. Though folks who’ve been here for some time can attest to the fact that late December 2007 (as well as early January 2008) have been colder than normal.

When my best friend and I visited SP in December 2006 and fell in love with the town, the nice warm weather Christmas week 2006 was part of the enchantment of the place … and we decided to purchase our home after being here for only three days! But we’re not looking for a weather rebate. The rest of Mexico has been having some unusually cold weather and back in our former home, San Miguel de Allende, they’ve had at least two freezes to date!

Some highlights for 2007 from the SanPanchoWeather Station:

The high temperature for the year was 95.6 F (35.3 C) on October 24th. The low for the year was 53.3 F (11.8 C) on the last day of the year!

Average temperature for 2007: 79 F (26.1 C). Pretty comfortable indeed. So not to complain about a few chilly nights. (OK, I’ll admit it. We dug out the electric blanket a few days ago.)

Rainfall for the year was 27.5 inches (698.5 mm). Nearly all of it was recorded in July, August and September, as is the norm. Most rain in one day was on August 23rd, with 2.43 inches. Another 2.4 inches fell two days later! The only other real deluge was on September 23rd with 2.02 inches, with another 1.39 inches on the 25th. That pretty much signaled the end of the rainy season.

If you’re interested in more numbers, graphs and details on last year’s weather, it’s all available at the Weather Underground at this page:

As for the current ‘cold’ weather spell: our low temperature for January through the 14th was 52.3 F (11.3 C) on the morning of the 12th.

Enough already!


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