Posted by: senorwx | March 3, 2008

Leap Month Moderation – February 2008 Summary

Maybe I can put those long pants in the back of the closet now.  Things are getting warmer, the sun is higher in the sky, and the days are getting longer.

The warmest day of the month was yesterday, “Leap Day” if you will.  It got up to 78.3 F (25.7 C), with the average daytime high for February at 69 (21) degrees.

As usual, you can check out all the details for February 2008 at the Weather Underground:

Not much more to add, except this month is the venue for San Pancho’s Music Festival and according to my friends, tons of folks from Mexico and elsewhere will descend on our pueblo for Semana Sancta.  Easter comes early this year, the 23rd, the earliest in some eighty years according to a friend who keeps track of such things.

Again, I’d like to thank those who contact us to say “thanks” for the weather station.  It’s my pleasure.


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