Posted by: senorwx | April 5, 2008

March Chills

Seems that my friend who is a long-time-resident of San Pancho has got it right:  it’s been cold (OK, chilly) this past month.  In fact, he says this whole 07/08 winter has been on the cool side here in San Pancho.

So for March, let’s check out his recollection.  He’s usually reliable.  Usually.

Hi temperature for March was 88 F / 28 C.  The lows?  49/10.  And after checking the weather station data I learned that there were only three days in the month when the night-time low (which occurs usually just before sunrise) did not dip below 60 degrees.  That’s right, 28 days when we got below 60 and a couple of excursions below 50.

Check out the day by day graph of high and low temperatures for March above.

The average March temperatures in Puerto Vallarta (the only reference database nearby) shows that March typically has an average daytime high of 78 F / 26 C.  And and an overnight low average of 61 F / 16 C.

It’s apparent my friend was right.



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