Posted by: senorwx | May 3, 2008

Cool Nights and Warm Days – April 2008

It’s been a normal April, with one exception.  The remarkable thing about this month is that we still were having cooler than normal evenings.

Here are the averages:

High            Low            Average

Temperature    84 F/29            56/13               73/23

Dew Point        72 F/22 C         50/10               65/18

Humidity        97%                  36%                  76%

Wind Speed    14 mph/ 22.5 km/h from NW    1.9 mpg/3.1 km/h

Wind Gust        15 mph/ 24 km/h from NNE

Wind                                    WNW

Pressure        30.01in/1916.1hPa  29.77in/ 1008.0hPa

Precipitation    0.01 in/ 0.3 mm

Compare our averages with those at Puerto Vallarta for April. The average high for PV is 80 F/27 C, while April 08 at the weather station was 84/29.  Certainly well within a normal range.

The overnight low temperatures are a different story.  The average April night time lows at PV  are 64/18, while the weather station for April 08 was 56/13 .  An 8 degree difference!

For the month of April we have been still beginning our days, pre-sunrise, in the area of 60 degrees.  Thank goodness the sun was up earlier so if you slept in a bit, you’d think it really had been warmer overnight.  Not quite yet.  Stay tuned!

A big date for the weather station is approaching.  Mid-May we will complete a full year of data-collecting at the San Pancho weather station.  We can then begin working on our own San Pancho year to year comparisons instead of relying on the PV averages.

This month was special for me at the weather station because I got to meet some new friends from the Oficina de Meteorologia at the  Universidad de Guadalajara/Centro Unversitario de la Costa.  None other than the head of the  Department,  Mtro. Victor Cornejo Lopez.  He and his associates are hard at work collecting data from Nayarit and Jalisco to aid in predicting local weather conditions, with a emphasis on hurricane activity.

Unfortunately there are very few weather stations in Jalisco and Nayarit.  There’s the station in Tepic, one in Puerto Vallarta at the airport and of course, the San Pancho station.  Funding is very tight for additional weather stations, so Sr. Lopez is delighted to have our data for his work.  And we’re glad to be on board with him!


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