Posted by: senorwx | June 3, 2008

Just a Bit of Rain

It happened in San Pancho on May 26 around 7 p.m.  It wasn’t much … only .12 of an inch … but it was rain.  Our first of the season.

As the front page graphic on this site indicates, we’d had a trace of precipitation before then (.04 inch).  And some mornings in May that had a great deal of condensation or dew on the vegetation and on ground surfaces.

But on the 26th it did rain and what a welcome event.  The beginning of the rainy season for 2008.

As for what the rainy season will be like this year, we’ve got one look into the future from an expert in Guadalajara.  Here’s his outlook as published in this story from Guadalajara Reporter:

Northern areas of Mexico may suffer drought this year but the state of Jalisco is set for a good rainy season.

That’s the view of Angel Meulenert Peña, director of the Universidad de Guadalajara Astronomy and Meteorology Institute, who says this year’s rains will begin in earnest around June 10 with three or four consecutive downpours.

On average, he says, about 950-1,000 mm of rain are expected to fall in 2008 (about 1,000 liters per cubic meter), with more than 95 percent of it bathing the state over the next few months.

One thousand millimeters is nearly 40 inches of rain!  Let’s hope Sr. Meulenert is correct.  To date then, we’re at .16 inches or 4 millimeters.

Well, it’s a start!


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