Posted by: senorwx | July 12, 2008

… and the Rains Came!

It could have been Boris, or Tropical Depression Five-E, or some other storm.  But since the beginning of July, we’ve certainly had the beginning of a bountiful rainy season.

Locals who have been here many more years than me say this may be the most rain in early July in ten years!

All I have to offer is a comparison with last July when the San Pancho Weather Station was up and running.  And maybe these numbers will jog your rainfall memory.

From July 1st to the 10th in 2007, there were only 1.4 inches of rain at the Weather Station.  The total for the year through July 10th was 3.54 inches.

This year, July 1 – 10, we’ve had 6.6 inches!  That brings the yearly total to 10.33 inches, quite an increase from last year.

At the end of June 2007, we had only 3.73 inches.
So if you’re feeling soaked, damp, mossy, or joyful for the rain, now you know the reason.  We’ve had a lot of rain here in sunny San Pancho.

And for those mindful of the heat and humidity in our environs, the average temperature for the first ten days of July 2007 was 83.16 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first ten days of July for 2008: 79.77 degrees.

Maybe it just seems warmer (and more humid) this year!


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