Posted by: senorwx | August 4, 2008

What A Difference a Year Makes – July 2008 Summary

The weather station data says it all:  we had a lot of rain this July.

Three times as much as last year! Fifteen this year.  Five last year.

Everything else … the highs/lows/humidity … were pretty much the same as last year.

The most notable rain event:  Friday, the 25th, late afternoon, we received more than 2 inches of rain in a little more than an hour.  At one point, the rain was coming down at a rate of more than 8 inches an hour!



  1. The lows this year aren’t a little bit lower or lower more regularly than last year. It has been feeling fresher at night and first thing in the morning.


  2. Love this site and the weather information. Great job and greatly appreciated.


  3. I am greatful for the rain and just hope we can save some this season.
    My question is, what happened to the old data screen? I miss it.
    It seemed to give me all the information I like to know at one time. I always keep it on my screen or check it many times a day. The heavy rains in July I was in the states but felt like I was back home in San Pancho watching the rain and wind information.
    Think we might get it back?


  4. Bill –
    I, too, miss the graphic we’ve had since starting the station here in San Pancho (I’d used it for several years in San Miguel de Allende).

    Unfortunately, the graphic is part of a weather station software package that is no longer being supported by its author and has been unreliable of late.

    I like using a program that doesn’t require human assistance (like during walking the dog or a time away from SP), so I’ve moved to a newly-developed program that is receiving much attention from its author and promises to add more features in the future.

    It’s from Lightsoft Software in Scotland and does a great job of creating statistics and summaries. The graphics are a bit basic for now, but I think they’ll improve in the near future.

    Thanks for your kind comments. And it really is great to be enjoying a more ernest rainy season this year!


  5. Thanks for maintaining this blog–very helpful!
    Does anybody have any info on the current condition of the road between Costa Azul and Las Clavellinas? We’ll be heading down in a couple weeks and I am wondering if using a 2wd drive car on that road would be an exercise in futility. thanks!


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