Posted by: senorwx | September 5, 2008

August 2008 – Things Get Hot!

It was a month with ample rain, but the highlight of the month was the high “feels like” heat index for August.

The High Heat Index for the year so far was achieved between 2 and 4 pm on August 10th, Sunday, when we reached a “feels like” temperature of 111 degrees!  The actual temperature stayed at 90 degrees, but the humidity hovered between 70% and 73%.

The high temperature for the month was 91 F/33 C degrees, occurring frequently between the 8th and 14th of the month.  (High of 93/33 in August ’07.)

The big rain event of August:  the rain storm of  13/14.  It rained both days, but most of the accumulation came the evening of the 14th and brought San Pancho 3.41 inches of rain.

Total rain for the month was 7.54, most of it in the middle of the month (11.6 inches last year, mostly in the last week of August).  Yearly rainfall through the end of August was 27 inches, well ahead of last year’s 18 inches at the end of the month. You can read more about 2008 thus far … weather-wise … on the “Year to Date” page of the web site.

The sharp-eyed among you have noticed a change in the presentation at  The web site presentation has been generated (in part) for the past year by a program that is no longer being supported by its author, so the change was necessary.  While the new program doesn’t have some of the easy-to-read graphics, it does present a great deal of information about current conditions and a lot of historical data. New graphics and additional pages will be on the way later in the year.

On the home page you’ll get info not only on the current conditions, but what the comparable readings were for yesterday, this week, and this month.  As the database builds, we’ll have the comparables for the year also.  Please note that I’ve added a menu item to the weather site that is a direct link to the NOAA Hurricane Center in Miami if you like to track those storms.  The link will give you both the Atlantic and Pacific storm tracks and advisories 24 hours a day.

Remember that you can go to the Weather Underground (not a political group … it’s a weather collaborative of hundreds of weather stations around the world) for all of the current and historical data from the San Pancho Weather station.  You can look up a day, month, or any span of time and get highs, lows,  and averages for most of the weather variables like temperature, humidity, wind, etc.  You’ll find the link to this resource on our “links” page, but you can click here if you’d like to check it out right now.

As usual, it’s great to hear from you and I appreciate your comments on this blog and in your emails from the weather site.  If you have any personal weather observations you’d like to pass along, or have suggestions for the site, please feel free to include them in your comments or email.


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