Posted by: senorwx | January 13, 2009

2008 A “Normal” Rainy Year

With nearly 41 inches of rain for 2008, long-time residents tell me we’re back to the normal rain amount in San Francisco.  Hopefully we’ll have a repeat performance this year.

Other stats from 2008 that you might appreciate:  the average daily humidity in our pueblo is 79%.  The average daily temperature for the year:  76 F or 24.6 C.  Not bad!

We reached our high temperature for the year on October 28th: 96.8 F (36 C).  But the high ‘feels like’ Heat Index was on August 10th with the temperature/humidity combination made it feel like 111 F (43.9 C)!

Low temperature?  March 28, 2008 when it got all the way down to 49.46 F (9.7 C) degrees!  To my New England body, that’s still pretty comfortable!

Thanks for the cards and letters.  (Well, emails and comments.)  It’s fun for me to keep an eye on the weather in San Pancho and I’m glad you enjoy it too.

Now I would just like to get the Lemmus developers to give us our San Pancho name back.  I don’t remember them asking if they could have it!


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