Posted by: senorwx | April 9, 2009

Semana Santa: Rainy season can’t be far off!

As a relative newcomer to San Pancho, I’m still amazed at when it doesn’t rain! During what is the non-rainy season of November through April.

Of course, I’d never let our visitors from up Norte know that. I just confidently assure them that in spite of the gathering clouds, the disappearance of the sun, and the dropping temperature, that there is no need to worry. It just doesn’t, can’t possibly rain in (fill in your favorite month … January, February, March) in San Pancho.

I did get caught by my Massachusetts friend Lynn one day in February as we sat on the patio on an ever-darkening afternoon. I gave him my usual super-confident guarantee, with a $100 dollar money-back offer. I lost. He counted 7 raindrops in the pool! He didn’t try to collect.

And there have been two or three other occasions when I have seen the surface of pool disturbed by a few errant raindrops.

So you may wonder about the “never” part.

In fact, some of the .13 inch(es?) of rain we’ve had to date may be those 7 raindrops and the few others that have fallen from the sky. And depending on where you live, you might have a few sprinkles more, especially if you are closer to the Pacific than I. The weather station is about 1/3 km from the beach.

But most of that rain ‘accumulation’ has come in the winter months from early-morning condensation. The same dampness that turns the San Pancho polvo to mud on your car. The moisture in the air that condenses on the cooler surfaces just around sunrise.

So technically, that’s not ‘rain’. It’s just an accumulation of moisture. And some of it gathers in the 1/100th of an inch measuring cups in the weather station.

And so it doesn’t matter much that we have had .13 inches for the year. Especially if we have another good rainy season like 2008. Last June was a deluge at 11.84 inches, followed by more than 13 in July.

By the way, we are now almost at the point that year-to-year comparisons are possible with our online database. Though the weather station has been online since 2007, the database for the current program was launched during May of 2008. So starting in June we’ll have good year to year comparisons on rain, high and low temperatures, barometer high and low, wind speeds and directions, etc.

For the detail-driven among you, all of this good stuff is on the “Current Summary” tab of the site. That’s probably not the best name, but this huge compilation of stats begins with the current readings at the weather station. It’s a different presentation than on the home page. You might like to check it out.

You’ll also find our data at the … where we’ve been submitting data since 2007. Just click on the graphic at the top of the home page to get you there.

The “Current Summary” page on the site will also give you some statistics for Puerto Vallarta. And for good measure you’ll find the summary stats for Boston. Why Boston? Just because I like to check out the temperatures and weather in my home state/home town.

And gloat!



  1. I’ve been pleasently surprised to find out there is a weather station here in San Pancho! I would really like to know more about the station and ask you some questions regarding some data. Would this be possible? I live and work here in San Pancho. What a great project you have going. Thank you.


    • Alan –

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      Just contact me via the link at the weather station site and I’ll be happy to chat.

      Aren’t we lucky to be in such a great place?



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