Posted by: senorwx | June 23, 2009

San Pancho Weather Blog

It has arrived!  The rainy season in San Pancho.

For those of you disinclined to rummage through all the weather station readings at the Weather Underground, here’s a quick glance at our rainfall:

Friday, June 19th:  .13 inches

Saturday, June 20:  2.73    (PV had 2.05)

Sunday, June 21: .37

Total rain for June 4.04 inches and for the year 4.91.

Now here’s a good wager to make with a friend:  Have we had more rain thus far this year than we did in 2008 as of June 21?

If your friend’s answer is “YES”, your pal wins.  Last year we had only 1.71 inches as of this date!

I noticed as of late yesterday (21st) afternoon, our rio was still bone dry.  It’ll be interesting to see how much rain is required before it starts flowing again.

Meantime, there’s a storm ‘abrewing off the coast of Mexico, first of the season, named Andre.  Keep an eye on it by clicking on the “Hurricanes” link at the top of the page.



  1. Thought we’d leave a note to say that most of the rain that fell on June 20th, fell during our wedding! We’d planned an outdoor ceremony but had to dive for the veranda. Even so, the lightning, thunder and loud rain made for a memorable event.


    • Sorry to hear about the timing, but I understand veranda weddings are the best! And any wedding in San Pancho would certainly be memorable. Best wishes to you both!



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