Posted by: senorwx | June 29, 2009

Seeing Double

You’re not seeing double when you visit the weather site these days.  More on that in a minute, but first here’s a new address for the weather station you might want to jot down:

I thought it would be easy to remember our address if you think of us as the San Pancho Weather Station ….  That’s it.  No com, org, edu, net or whatever at the end.  Just .ws.  Think San Pancho. Weather Station.

Don’t fret, the .com address is alive and well, as is (for those wishing an English name)  They all get you to the same wonderful place in cyberspace!

In response to a diminishing number of requests (an old Steve Allen line), I’ve added the metric readings to the English readings that appear at the top of the home page.  After all, Mexico is metric, our Canadian friends are metric, and there’s nothing wrong with having a choice for you to see things in you favorite increments.

This is the beginning of some updates that will be coming to the site over the next … well, sometime.  I have UV readings from the station that I’d like to add, plus other info that I just haven’t been able to translate from the station to the web.  Stay tuned.  If there’s something you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to ask.  Or to suggest ideas about the presentation online.

It is always a fine balance between those who visit who just ‘want the facts’ of rain, temp, humidity.  Others look for more, like the very useful Heat Index readings (how it reallly feels outside) and the solar readings (how much sun is shining down on us … folks away from town like this one).  Remember, if you are really a statistics nerd, there’s the “Today’s Summary” page on the site.

And for even more information, click on either of those Weather Underground displays at the top of the page and you’ll be wisked away to all the data from the station.  When you get to the page, make sure to scroll down for charts.  And the readings for today … all layed out for you every 15 minutes.  It’s an easy way to see when rain storms start and stop.  Further, you can go to the “custom” selection at the top of the WU page and pick any date, or range of dates, to find out what the weather was on this date or dates from last year.  It’s fun, even if you’d not a weather nerd.

Speaking of weather, and it’s about time, the only thing I have to report is that Oro and I took our early morning walk down to the bridge at the entrance to town to check on the rio at 8 a.m.  There’s no river flowing yet.  Best I can report is that there was some pooling of the half inch of rain overnight.  But don’t get out the canoe yet!



  1. Great Job San P WS ! We Live in Punta Negra & SP weather is closer to us than Vallarta !!


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