Posted by: senorwx | July 24, 2009

Surf’s Up! July 23, 2009

It didn’t last that long, but it was intense.

After a Heat Index high of 106 at 1:45, the clouds began to gather. And the storm began to move in.

Just before the rains came around 5:30 pm, the winds blew across town from the North and North West, then quickly changed to the South East as the downpour began.  The biggest wind gust of the storm was out of the SE around 6 pm, at 24 miles an hour.

And could you belive the lightening show last night!  Right here at our doorsteps in town. And with it the heavy rain … at one point reaching a rate of 2.3 inches per hour. Of course, that lasted only briefly as we ended up with a half an inch for the whole storm. That puts us at about 15 and half inches for the year.

The storm duration was about an hour. In that hour the temperature dropped from 85° at 5:45 to 74° at 6:45!  A good sleeping temperature.

Another remarkable aspect of this storm that came in from the Pacific is the resulting heavy surf along our shoreline. Yesterday and today. With the surf coming up the beach all the way to the malecon. Something the natives are used to seeing, but not those of us who have only recently arrived.

Click on the pictures below for a full-sized view. Folks I talked to at the beach this morning agreed that the waves were easily 12 feet high. And I must say that we had some very brave, talented and skilled surfers out there this morning. Sorry I didn’t capture some of the great rides that I saw.

BTW, for those of you reading this far from San Pancho, there’s progress being made on Avenida Tercer Mundo. The fourth photo below is a shot taken today of the massive new storm sewer pipes heading out of town from the main street. Let’s hope we’ll have a dry main street with this new construction.


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