Posted by: senorwx | August 7, 2009

The Welcome Rain!

A storm this morning we’ve been waiting for!

Lightning and thunder booming here in the pueblo, chasing our dog Oro scrambling for cover. And wonderful rain coming down and filling the pool!

Here’s the story:

The storm began around 10:30 and lasted til about Noon.

Total Rainfall from this storm: 1.83 inches!
Highest Rain Rate (per hr.) : 6.47 in at 10:45 am
Highest Wind Gust: 14 mph out of the NE

Our Yearly rain total is now 18.20 inches, but we still have a long way to go to catch up with last year.

Another benefit of the storm: some relief in the temperature … at least for a bit. Early this morning, we had a “cool” start: it was down to 78 degrees at sunrise. By 9 o’clock we were up to 89 degrees. Then the temperature began to drop as the storm approached and the wind shifted to WNW.

At 10 am it was 86, but as the storm hit, the temperature began to drop and reached a low of 74.9 by noon. Certainly our low for the day, and only a tenth of a degree warmer than this month’s low of 74.8 which we enjoyed yesterday morning at 6:45 am … sunrise time.

Nice storm, eh? Now off to clean the pool!


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