Posted by: senorwx | September 1, 2009

Rain Deficit Continues in San Francisco, Nayarit

August was a warm and not very rainy month here in San Pancho. As our village worked it’s way through this humid season, we reached a new high in the Heat Index but remained well behind in rainfall compared to last year.

There were significant rainstorms on the 7th and 8th, and then again on the 20th, when our river in San Francisco finally began to flow. The rio continues to flow as we enter September. Hurricane Jimena gave us some rain over the last weekend of the month. In the past, September and October still offered the chance for more rain, but it isn’t likely that we who live in the Riviera Nayarit will see the rain amounts of 2008.

The annual rain total now stands at about 24.5 inches. At this time last year, we had 27.4 inches, so we are still running behind 2008 with the rainfall. To give some perspective to our rainfall amounts, here are the annual totals:

2007: 27.5 inches
2008: 41 inches
2009: 24.5 inches to date

Click on the images above to see August Rainfall and August Temperature graphs

August daytime temperatures in San Pancho were at 90° or above but began to moderate after the 26th, some of that due to the cloud cover generated by Hurricane Jimena. August 2008 was cooler as temperatures stayed just below 90 for the entire month.

The Heat Index (the ‘feels-like’ temperature) remained high throughout the month reaching 100°F or more most days. And we set a new record in August: the yearly high for the Heat Index was recorded at 3 pm on Monday August 24th: 109.28°F.

It has been a very quiet summer in San Pancho. Activity on repaving Avenida Tercer Edad has been sporadic. But there is progress. And there are several house construction projects going on in town, which is a good sign. Power outages due to work on upgrading the San Francisco grid have been all too frequent. My best friend and I had the sense (read: good fortune) to be out of town for the all-day outage last week!

As always, your comments on the weather station are invited and appreciated. See you around town! Yes, that’s me in the morning taking a stroll with my golden dog Oro. We love those morning walks in San Pancho, even if there’s more sniffing than walking some days!


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