Posted by: senorwx | September 30, 2009

… Now that’s better!

If you’ll pardon the preoccupation with rainfall totals, I’m here to report that things are looking up for the 2009 rainy season.  You’ve probably figured that out for yourself over the past week or so as we’ve had more rain and less sun!

During the closing hours of September here’s where the rainfall stands (not counting the accumulation of water on the “new” Avenida Tercer Mundo):

Total Rainfall for September:  10 inches   (2008: 10 inches!)

Total Rainfall January through September: 34 inches  (2008: 37 inches)

With all of October in front of us, it  looks like we are on track for what long-time residents call a ‘normal’ rainy season.  To get the big picture, at this time in 2007 we only had a total rainfall of less than 26 inches.

While the generous rainfall is of note, so is the Heat Index for September.  If you’ve been tracking it online at or  (‘san pancho weather station’ … get it?), you know we hit a high heat index of 108.64 on the 17th at 2:45 pm.  That essentially matches the yearly high of 109.28on August 24th.

I wonder if we’ll beat that heat record in October?

Keep your eye on it at the weather station!


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