Posted by: senorwx | December 3, 2009

Welcome to December!

Just a trace of rain on November 30th, then more on December 1st, totaling nearly an inch of rain in all. Probably also ending the rainy season for 2009. We’re just a bit behind ’08 and well ahead of a below normal amount in ’07.

Isn’t the November weather wonderful here in San Pancho? Last year, not out of choice, we weren’t in town for November and missed the moderating temperatures and comfortable nights. What a pleasure to have night time temperatures in the low 60s (or less!) and the days in the upper 70s. For me, it’s like our springtime in New England … my favorite season there.

A few November facts from the San Pancho Weather Station:

November high temperature – 91 F / 33 C

Low temperature – 64  F / 18 C

Rain – 1/3 inch!

And, yes we’ve gotten the electric blankie out for the weeks ahead. Were you chilly yesterday morning? Wed, the 2nd? Overnight low at about 6:30 was 57.8 … the low so far this fall.

The sky is cloudy as I write this on the 3rd of December, but chances are we’ve seen the bulk of our rain for the year.

But not the end of construction on Avenida Tercer Mundo!  We’ve been land-locked a couple of times as they reconstruct the street along the elementary school/soccer field section. Big machine, big trucks, big noise … but they have been working at top speed for three weeks now. While it is easy to complain about the inconvenience (don’t ask about losing the front bumper on our Honda Fit),I think the crew is putting in a top-notch effort to get the job done in time.

I admit, I might not be too happy  if I were the owner of the jewelry store on the street or my friend Juan with his taco stand across from the campo de futbol.  But then, progress always comes at a price.

My street construction fear:  what happens when they begin work on the final section from the main highway into town?  Yikes!


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