Posted by: senorwx | February 3, 2010

Just for the Record – A Storm to Remember

It happened between 9:30 and 10:30 last night.

Nearly 3/4 of an inch of rain in an hour.

A wind gust of 29 mph at 10 pm at the San Pancho Weather Station.  Average wind speeds of 5 to 9 mph.

And a rain rate of 7.5 inches per hour (for a brief moment) just after 10 pm.

It adds up to what must be a unique February storm for San Pancho and the Bay of Banderas area.  According to some of the area online forums, trees were downed, streets flooded and it appears the rainfall amounts were even greater to the South of San Pancho.

For us in San Francisco, the total rainfall since this wetness all started on February 1, we have had slightly more than 1.5 inches of rain.  And the clouds are still with us.

I’ve asked my friend (Turtle) Frank Smith today about the storm. He says that there are records from 1927 that indicate there was a huge storm then in the Bay of Banderas that left more than 100 people dead.  Hopefully we won’t have a repeat performance of that this year.

If you have a first-hand report on last night’s event, I encourage you to leave a comment here.

If this is your vacation week in San Pancho, I apologize.  This really, really isn’t normal.  Honest.



  1. I’ve just had the good fortune of having your website address passed on to me.
    I am a boater down in the Nuevo Vallarta area and the info you compile and publish is greatly appreciated.
    Winds of over 80 knots were registered and reported in the La Cruz area during the “storm to remember” last night. Thanks again for the info you put out. Art


    • I’m not a sailor Art, but that sounds a lot like 100 mph, right? Seems the storm was even more powerful south toward Vallarta.

      Thanks for checking in!



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