Posted by: senorwx | March 4, 2010

Rain, but thankfully no tsunami in San Pancho

It was a rainy month, but the earthquake in Chile and subsequent trsunami had no consequences for San Pancho.  Though a few neighbors … ex-pats and natives alike … got mightily concerned about a big wave hitting us last Saturday.  I think the native San Pancho residents reaction was probably right: get the heck out of town.  The ex-pat reaction was more like:  it ain’t gonna happen, come look at the maps on my computer.

The gut instinct of the San Pancho native of course would more likely have saved your life if the tsunami had arrived.  We did our best to keep some current info on the home page of our site, but if you’ve got a computer, you probably have your own favorite satellite cloud loop to watch.

While it isn’t unusual to have rain in the “non-rainy” season, the amount we had this February was most unusual.  We had only trace amounts in ’09 and ’08, the only history we have for the weather station for the month.  This February:  3.32 inches!

The average temperature for the month was 71 degrees, identical with 2009.  The high temperature of 85 was 3 degrees higher than a year ago.  And who said we aren’t experiencing global warming!

February Temperatures

It’s also interesting to note that we had substantial wind gusts of nearly 30 mph during our rainstorms on the 2nd and the 18th, the highest at the weather station since a 30 mph reading last July.  (Yes, the weather station is about 1/2 mile inland so those living on the beach no doubt have experienced stronger wind gusts.)

Just for the record, the San Pancho Weather Station has been up and running since noon on May 25, 2007 … not many days after your humble weather guy arrived here from the highlands to the East.  Soon we’ll have three complete years of weather stats to enjoy and relish … and to help refresh our memories of the weather conditions here in paradise.

If you are a stats buff, I urge you to dig around in the complete weather station data base located at the Weather Underground.  (Honest … it is not a subversive outfit!)

On a non-weather related note, Daylight Time begins this year on Sunday, April 4 at 2 a.m.

All of us folks in the Municipality of the Bahia de Banderas (including Lo de Marco) will move clocks ahead TWO hours when Daylight time begins this spring. This puts the continguous areas of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and the Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit, into the same time zone.

Here in San Pancho, we’ll ‘spring ahead’ two hours this year … never to regain one of those two  hours forever!  Daylight Time will end October 31, when we’ll retrieve one hour, not two.

Frankly, I can’t wait to be a part of the Central Time Zone.  Those lovely sunsets will be later and maybe the roosters next door will be quiet for an extra hour in the morning. Not likely, though.

Thanks again for your input and interest in the weather station. In answer to a diminishing number of folks asking me: no, I’m not a weather person. This is a hobby. I don’t golf.


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