Posted by: senorwx | April 1, 2010

A Moderate March

The weather in the month of March in San Pancho was moderate. Our rain and temperatures we about the same as recent years, though some might claim we are experiencing global warming.

The average high and low temperatures for March for the past three years:

2010 – 80.5/61.5
2009 – 79.0/65.5
2008 – 76.1/61.8

There was no recorded precipitation in San Francisco for the month, though there were a few days when there was a ‘trace’ of rain. And keep in mind that depending where you live, especially if you live near the beach, you might get a minor rain event, your neighbor across the street or across town wouldn’t experience that rainfall.

The unusual amount of precip early in the winter has kept our rio running for most of the month, though it is dry now. The fresh water running this late in the season is unusual. And the wildlife enjoyed the situation, as you can see from this photo by my friend Susan.

A significant earthquake was felt by many folks in town on the 20th. About 2:30 San Pancho time, the afternoon was shaken up by a 4.7 quake offshore that occurred about 110 km (65 miles) South of Puerto Vallarta. My best friend was at her computer and felt it. Your humble servant was at his computer and didn’t notice a thing. How about you?

In non-weather news, we have finally had our main street, Avenida Tercer Mundo, reopened! While there are some minor details to be completed, traffic coming in and out of town no longer has to take a detour to hell and back to enter town.
Near the grammer school on Avenida Tercer Mundo

Avenida Tercer Mundo at Calle Africa

Avenida Tercer Mundo at Calle Africa

And it’s Semana Santa in San Pancho and throughout Mexico. “Mucho Gente” is the word from our gardener and with all the people on the beach, that means Oro has to take a break from his early-morning runs. But the joy of the holiday, the families gathering and the great spirit of the Mexican community this week is, as they say on the news, is truly palpable.

Wonderful weather. Happy people. Families together. And the joy of the Easter message. How lucky we are to be in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico for this special holiday season.



  1. dang nice info bro.


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