Posted by: senorwx | May 4, 2010

Clouds, birds and clean streets

The month of April was largely uneventful weather-wise in San Pancho. We had a lot of cloudy days, especially late afternoons in the last half of the month. When it looked like it would certainly rain. And didn’t.

And with schools of fish moving north up from the Bahia de Banderas, we had massive flocks of birds follwoing them during the last week of April. Frigates, herons, seagulls, pelicans, egrets … in massive groups that blocked out the sun … had it been sunny. Many remarked it looked like an Alfred Hitchcock scene. The fishermen manuevered their boats close to shore to take advantage of the density of fish.

Only a trace of rain during the month, typical of recent years. And pleasantly warm nights which were probably due to the heavy cloud cover that was overhead each evening.

A quick glance at April:

Year     High Temp/Low/Average

2010    82.6   62.9   74.4
2009    83.6   56.7   73.3
2008    84.0   56.2   73.5

I find it interesting to look back and see note how little the conditions change over the years in some months. And starting with dates in late May, we’ll have four years of San Pancho weather data to compare. Four years ago that my best friend and I arrived and settled down in our new home.

Offshore, there was a major clean-up of Ave. Tercer Mundo, apparently sparked by a visit of the president of the municipality.  He didn’t like the way our town looked. Not living up to the Riviera Nayarit standards! And he did something about it as crews showed up in a week and cleaned up for two. Signs, dirt, bushes … nothing left untouched.  And yellow paint on all the curbs. Now what does that mean? No parking?

No sooner had our act been cleaned up that more crews from the Bahia de Banderas arrived to begin work on the final section of our main street.  The photos below tell the story.  A friend says the crew said they’d be done in two months. For today, no detour … just two way traffic on one lane … uno a uno!  But there’s a detour in our future I’m sure.

Meantime, the cleanup has been a big improvement. And at the garden that was designed and built by the folks from Emerald Coast is looking good again. Nice enough for mama hen to take her brood for a stroll!

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