Posted by: senorwx | May 31, 2010

Rain on the way!

May is a transition month, between the end of the tourist season and looking forward to the beginning of the rainy season in San Pancho, Nayarit.  It’s a comfortable month: average temperature this year was 76 degrees, with a daytime high for the month of 87 on the 17th.

The Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season officially started May 15.  And the first named storm of the season, Agatha, came to Central America and brought winds and rain accumulations of 10 to 20 inches over extreme southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, and much of El Salvador.  Click on the Hurricane Center link at for the latest information.  The storm names for the season are listed on the Definitions page.

As we prepare for the 2010 rainy season, the month of May produced only a trace of precipitation at the beginning of the month.  And just when does the rainy season begin? We now have three years of data from the sanpanchoweather station so we can at least look at recent history for a clue.

YearFirst significant rain — Amount

2009 June 17 .67 inch

2008 June 7 .12

with more than an inch recorded June 7 – 11 during 5 consecutive days of rain

2007 June 9 .16

with six consecutive days of light rain totaling less than an inch

Three years don’t provide a really meaningful database, but chances are that the rainy season will start in early June.  Those threatening late afternoon clouds the last week of May sure looked like they might bring some precipitation, but didn’t.

Total rain for our three years of record-keeping in San Pancho:

2009 40.90 inches

2008 40.98

2007 27.49

Temperatures in June average in the low 80’s. I know, it seems warmer … but what you are feeling is the effect of temperature and humidity which we call the Heat Index.  Keep your eye on the Heat Index this summer.  It’s at the top of the home page data presentation.

2007  82.5/28.1

2008 80.8/27.1

2009 81.7/27.6

I often wonder how each of us ‘stores’ our weather memories.  Different folks have different recollections of general weather conditions from past years, except for remarkable events like a hurricane which they remember with a great deal of clarity.  “Last year was sooo hot for June,” she said.  Really?  I can’t resist checking on the weather station data after a remark like that, usually to learn that that June of the past was pretty normal with average temperatures.

Is it that we are remembering a particular event we attended and felt especially warm and uncomfortable? Was it two or three days during that month last year when it was hotter than normal?  Who knows?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.

I’m most amused by the reports of the “awful, terrible, unbearable, sweaty, humid, oppressive, hotter than Hades” summer months here on the Pacific coast.  This view is usually held by folks who went north of the border before Easter, never to return until December.  Hardly first-person reports!

Construction of our new Av. Tercer Mundo continues at a good tempo with workers there daily, into the early evening hours.  The ‘planters’ (what would you call them?) along the Avenida are under construction, too.  These  jardinerias will line the street from the Malecon to the bridge when completed. Attractive!

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