Posted by: senorwx | August 3, 2010

July 2010: Cooler than last year

It was cooler this July than last, and we had just a bit less rain.

This year 7.06 inches of rain fell on San Pancho, Nayarit compared to last year’s 7.46 inches. Hardly a remarkable difference. The yearly totals offer a better picture of this year compared to last: So far in 2010 – 12.07.  Last year from January 1 to July 31 – 15.37 inches.

But it was cooler than 2009 in July. This year’s high temperature was 88.6 vs 92.3 for last July. And the average temperature for the month was 80 degrees vs. 84.3 in 2009.

Our rain came in from the east during the month. Mostly systems coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and heading over the mountains.  Still, our yearly total rainfall for the year to date looks much more promising than it did a month ago.



July was also important because we got to know Chico.  But I digress from the weather, so allow me to direct you to that story right here. (Promise to come back and read the rest of this blog!)

This is the time of year to keep your eye on the Heat Index and the UV readings in San Pancho. The former for your comfort and the latter for your health.

The Heat Index has made excursions as high as 105 degrees in the past few days. This indicator of how the weather “feels” (much like the wind chill index) is a computation based on the temperature and humidity. Though the temperature may be in the low 80’s, you can still feel might uncomfortable (or as my best friend says “sticky”) if the humidity is high. You’ll see the Heat Index near the top of the home page of the San Pancho Weather Station.

The UV reading is more than just a fun thing to know. It points to the current Ultra Violet reading. Exposure to UV rays can cause numerous health problems, such as sunburn, skin cancer, skin aging, cataracts, and can suppress the immune system. Anything over 9 is, simply put, dangerous.  Whether you are just visiting San Pancho for a week or have lived here for years, pay attention to this number.  Learn more about it here and keep and eye on it on the Weather Station home page.

The River in San Pancho

The River/The Detour in San Pancho

The rain storms cooperated with the closing of Avenida Tercer Edad, as the only route in or out of town was through the river and through the woods to the south of town.  Within a day or two of the new main street opening, the river was nearly covering the fording path out of town.  Good timing, eh?  There are more pictures of the Avenida construction … and other good stuff … posted in the Photos section of the San Pancho Weather Station site.


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