Posted by: senorwx | August 10, 2010

Just for the Record

After several inches of rain in San Pancho in the first few days of August, I couldn’t help but wonder what amounts we have had in the past. So just for the San Pancho Weather record, here’s the story.

Total Rainfall in inches this month in San Pancho  August 1 – 10:

2010: 3.91
2009: 4.07
2008:  .95
2007: 1.32

Total Rainfall in San Pancho for the year thru August 10:

2010: 14.86
2009: 19.44
2008: 20.81
2007:   7.89

If there’s a pattern in any of this, it eludes me. Just thought you’d like to know!



  1. Hola, Just wanted to thank you so much for your informative weather site, what a great community service. We love it and look at it a few times every day. I put your link on my site as well.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Caren & Spence


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