Posted by: senorwx | September 1, 2010

Buckets, cats, dogs, sheets …

September came in with a bang this morning.  More spectacular and louder than any planned bicentennial celebration this month in Mexico.  In San Pancho early today we had the mother of all thunderstorms with awesome (truly) thunder and lightening that filled the sky overhead.

It rained cats and dogs, came down in sheets, by the bucket, and (fill in your own favorite heavy rain expression here).

Here are the facts. The bulk of the rain fell between 1 and 2:15 am and totaled 1.33 inches. Heaviest rainfall rate was an amazing 9.14 inches for a couple of minutes around 2 a.m. The heaviest rate registered at the San Pancho Weather Station this year.

That rate combined with heavy winds made it seem like the ‘sheets’ of rain were coming in at an angle of about 45 degrees!  It wasn’t of course, but sure felt like hurricane winds and rain I’ve experienced in Florida and New England.

The wind was primarily out of the East and averaged about 10 mph.  The 24 mph gust came around 2 with the heaviest rainfall.  That gust is second only to a 29 mph gust at 10 p.m. on February 2 this year.

A memorable rainstorm. But not the biggest we’ve seen this year.  That record remains in August when on the the 9th and 10th we had a storm with more than 3.5 inches of precipitation.

During August we had lots of rain. And more rain. There were only 7 days in the month when there was no precipitation! Many storms dumped more than an inch of rain. There were nearly 2 inches of rain in our town on Monday (Aug 30), the storm that brought down the northbound bridge over the Ameca in Puerto Vallarta. August 2010 rainfall far exceeds the previous years we have on record for the month in San Francisco.

It looks like we are on track to end up with an above average rainy season.  Just take a look at the San Pancho Weather Station records for the year to date.

Temperatures remained normal in the low 80’s, but the Heat Index was high all month long, reaching a record for the year on August 24 of 112.4 F at 3:38 in the afternoon.

Where do we stand for the year, January through August?  Here are the numbers (inches):

Whew! I’m grateful for the ocean, the pool, A/C and those refreshing, cool cervezas!



  1. where do you get your weather information and how can i set up something similar in pv?


    • Check out available equipment at Davis Instruments online.


    • Laura –

      You can start by Googling “Davis Instruments” … its the type of equipment I use.



  2. What is the plan for the entrance? Is there any emergency, temporary plan for access to San pancho?


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