Posted by: senorwx | September 29, 2010

2010: Remember September

What is left to say? Torrential rain. Bridge collapse. Pedestrian bridge. Collapse. Earthquakes. Beach erosion. More rain. Living on an island.

There has been much written here and elsewhere about the September 2010 weather in San Francisco, Nayarit. This weather site was literally “inundated” with hits. Thanks for your visits.

Since this site is about the weather, I’ll leave the discussions about bridge replacement to the blogs and forums. Hard to sort out some of those conversations.

As for the weather here in San Francisco, Nayarit, there’s little more to say, so I thought I’d bring you a few pictures and a couple of graphs. Easier on the mind.

Let’s look at how much rain fell this month compared to previous Septembers on record at the San Pancho Weather Station:

September Rainfalls 2007 - 2010

Now let’s compare the first 9 months (January through September) of these same years to make comparisons for previous years in San Pancho:

Yearly Totals Through the end of September

The big question now seems to be how much more can we possibly get. Well, let’s look at the past and you decide! How much rain fell October through December in recent years?

October - December Total Rainfall in San Pancho

Any guesses? If you’ll pardon the pun, maybe someone should start a pool. The trend certainly would indicate that there’s more on the way. But a history of only three years isn’t really enough data to place bet on that!

A few other interesting “pictures” of September. First the rain rate. How heavy was the rain? How many inches per hour? Take a look at how often the rain rate exceeded 2 inches per hour! Keep in mind, these rates were for the most part brief excursions into the high rate of rainfall.

Rain Rate for September 2010

It’s also interesting to know that the heat index (temperature + humidity calculation) peaked in the middle of the month, but has been high for the entire month. There’s been some relief in the last few days.

Daily Heat Index in San Pancho - September 2010

There are a lot more statistics on the weather site and at the Weather Underground if you’d like more numbers!

One lasting impression of our torrential rains this month is our beautiful San Pancho beach. I know it will return to it’s ‘normal’ self as winter approaches, but it is quite a different site right now.

Again, the photos tell the story.

Looking South on the San Pancho Beach

And thanks, too, for your kind comments and emails during the month. Hopefully we’ll have a much more peaceful last quarter of the year weather-wise … and we’ll get to dedicate that new bridge sometime soon!



  1. Thanks for the update. Great perspective.


  2. Hard to believe the amount of beach erosion that has occurred.
    I will be returning to the San Pancho/Sayulita area in Nov. so I appreciate these updates.


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