Posted by: senorwx | October 7, 2010

San Pancho One Month Ago

(Update: Your honor, let the record reflect that about 12 hours after writing the following blog, our first significant rainfall of the month occurred in San Pancho. Not much, but about a quarter of an inch before midnight. Coming down at a rate of  more than an inch and hour for a while. So while the “seven days without rain” doesn’t technically stand, the sun on October 8 gives me hope that maybe we have seen the worst of the 2010 rainy season.  -chh)

Just for the record dear reader, we’ve had seven days in a row with nary a rainstorm this month. OK. Let the record show that San Pancho, Nayarit has had .02 of an inch of rain since October 1st. We’ve had some of the most gorgeous, beautiful days in recent memory. When was it … early July when the weather was this pleasant?

As of this date just a month ago when our homes, hearts and hearth were wet, moldy, soggy, water-logged, we had already accumulated more than 17 (seventeen, XVII) inches of rain.

Think of that. And notice that things are slowly returning to normal. There’s even a new footing poured for a new bridge to this wonderful pueblo!


Beach Sculpture at San Pancho, Nayarit

Beach Sculpture at San Pancho, Nayarit



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