Posted by: senorwx | November 3, 2010

Slight Cooler, Less Humid, Mucho Más Seco

Those who thought the rainy season would continue through October this year have been sadly disappointed.

Compared to September, San Pancho, Nayarit, MX, was a little less hot, quite a bit less humid and to put it mildly, a whole lot less rainy! So much less rain than the prior month, the quarter of an inch recorded at the weather station for October doesn’t even create a bar on our comparison chart!

Oct Sep Comparisons

Oct Sep Comparisons

The .22 inches of rain on the 7th pretty much told the story for the whole month. The humidity took a slight drop, thanks to the lack of supersaturated air and went from an average of 81% in September to 79.5% in October. The September rainfall of 28.18 inches dwarfs monthly  totals on record at the San Pancho weather station. The October rainfall of .25 inches looks the total for a mid-winter month!

Temperatures here in San Francisco, Nayarit, moderated a bit from September, 81.2 F to 79.5 and you can see how little the high and low temperatures varied during the month. We certainly enjoyed those lower early-morning temps near the end of October.

Oct Temps 2010

Oct Temps 2010

Elsewhere, our beach continues to reinvent itself almost daily. The laguna is nearly sealed off from the sea. The huge ‘cliff’ along the beach yields to a large, gentle drop to the sea. Let’s see how permanent this landscape (seascape?) will last.

San Pancho Beach

San Pancho Beach - November 1, 2010 - Southern End of Beach near the Laguna

We now have a good temporary vehicle entrance to town and the San Pancho pedestrian bridge is in place (though used by few). The abutments for the new bridge are well underway. It’s great to have full access to the world again. And to give the world full access to San Pancho!

You’ll find more photos at the San Pancho Weather station online.

New Pedestrian Bridge at San Pancho

New Pedestrian Bridge at San Pancho


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