Posted by: senorwx | December 5, 2010

November Remarks

The remarkable thing about the weather in San Pancho for November was that the weather was unremarkable. Maybe a little bit cooler than normal.

The average temperature for Nov 2010 was 71 F, compared to 76 in ’09. The high temperature for both years was 91, but the low temps: 64 in ’09, but down to 58 on the 8th. Temperatures never recovered after early November, with the highs staying below 80 and the lows early morning in the low 60s at best.

San Pancho Temperatures - November 2010

The rain stayed away for the month, inviting the dust to return to our streets. The eagle-eyed among you will note a trace of precip for the month, but that is the weather station recording some early morning dew as it accumulates each day at sunrise.

Looking ahead (and just to jog your memory from last year), December temperatures will be about what we’ve experienced in November. Last year the 12th month had an average temperature of 72, a high of 87 and a low matching our November low of 58. So I assume you’ve already got the winter blankets out.

Rain in San Pancho in December? Not likely based on past experience… except for last year. December 2009 brought us a bit more than 3 inches of rain! But the norm for the last month of the year is just a trace of precipitation. Maybe that 3 inches was a sign of things to come.

Or maybe it was this past January that is a sign of things to come. If you think November was chilly, it got down to 52 degrees January 16, 2010!

Thanks for your comments and visits to San Pancho Weather. And keep your eye on our photo gallery, we’ll continue to follow our bridge construction. It appears that we’ll have a new bridge, with its new concrete sluiceway, up and running by the end of the year! Hey, if the PV bridge is about to open, can our bridge be far behind?



  1. Kurt,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on all the reconstruction of the bridge, roads, planters, beaches. etc. I visit your weather site every day and celebrate when you post new pictures and information. Your service to the San Pancho community is exceptional and we so appreciate your efforts.

    Our very best to Ceil

    Ned and Pat Modica
    Casa El Izote


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