Posted by: senorwx | February 1, 2011

Thankful for our San Pancho Weather

The easiest thing to do last month was to complain about our chilly weather.

I did. My best friend did. As did our friends. Because we’re all spoiled. Wimps! As the United States and Canada got record snowfalls and record-breaking cold, I thought last night about how lucky we are to be in San Pancho. I do that a lot.

Benefits of San Pancho winterweather:
-no need to buy and use snow shovels, snow blowers, boots, parkas and long johns
-don’t have to shovel sidewalks, driveways and roofs!
-we can turn off the fan instead of turning up the furnace, hoping oil prices don’t skyrocket
-getting to the tienda is just as easy in January as it is in July here
-it’s much more pleasant to walk on the beach than to drive to the gym
-and so forth.

Toughing it out in January in San Pancho

Toughing it out at La Playa in January in San Pancho

OK, it was colder this January than last. Colder than most Januarys. The coldest I could find on record. Here’s the story:
Average temperature for January 2011: 65.3
Average temperature for January 2010: 71.6

The San Pancho Weather Station has only four years of data, but last year was typical. This year was the anomaly. But four years isn’t really a long enough view to determine what is normal, so I checked the weather records at the airport in Puerto Vallarta. They started in 1973.

As you probably know, Puerto Vallarta normally is a few degrees (2 – 4) warmer than San Francisco, Nayarit. The average temperature in PV for January from 1973 to 2010 is about 72 degrees. The lowest average was 68 in 1997. In the 37 years from 1973 to 2010, these years all had an average temperature of 69 degrees in January: 74, 75, 76, 89, 99, and 08. About 20% of the time it got down to 69 and once to 68. But never down to this year’s average in PV.

The average for Puerto Vallarta for 2011? 66 degrees! The lowest since 1973! The lowest since records have been kept at the airport.

Which all goes to underscore that we’ve just come through the coldest January on record here in San Pancho. The probability is that we won’t experience another one like this for a long while. Not more than once every 38 years if the Puerto Vallarta records are any guide.

Our cool weather is kind of like our rain experience last year, don’t you think? An unusual, infrequent event and we’ve been treated to two such unique experiences in just five months.

Something to talk about with friends and something to tell the grandkids!

The newest Hahn family member enjoys her first-ever winter in New England!

The newest Hahn family member enjoys her first-ever winter in Massachusetts!



  1. Thanks for your posting.
    Wish I was in San Pancho now. Maybe it is time to ditch the snowblower :))


    • Beware: we’re still feeling the chill… take a look at the average temp for February!

      I know, we’re not likely to get a lot of sympathy from anyone north of the border.



  2. Myself and a group of friends will be in San Pancho the end of March 2011. What can we expect from the weather? We live in Idaho so anything will probably be good. Staying at the Casa Pacifica – looking forward to it.


    • Hopefully our spell of chilly weather will be well behind us by that time! Ignore our complaining about 72 degrees being chilly.

      Last March the average temperature in San Pancho was 72 degrees (it has averaged about 10 degrees less than that in January and February of this year), the high was 88 and the low was 58. You are certain to enjoy our weather.

      If you’d like to know more about the weather in March, check out our readings from last year (and previous years) at the San Pancho Weather Station, follow this link to our data at the Weather Underground:

      Enjoy your vacation. If it is your first trip here, I promise you’ll love San Pancho!


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