Posted by: senorwx | July 3, 2011

Rain is Right on Schedule in San Pancho

There are some things you can depend on if you live here on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Rain in the last part of June in San Pancho is one of those things. And this year is no exception.

We had a trace (.01 inch) of precipitation on the very first day of the month. But the real thing happened during the last ten days of June when we had virtually all of the monthly rainfall amont.

By the end of the month, we had been drenched with four and a half inches of rain, with some of it courtesy of hurricane/tropical storm Beatriz on the 22nd. That caused a first-of-the-season rock slide on Highway 200 just south of San Pancho, according to a good friend who says that the slide also brought down an enormous tree.

He also tells me that the storm marked the first night of those wing-dropping “termites” at his home here in San Pancho, though that invasion was less than previous years. And the land crabs came. And so did the power outages.

June also brought more intense UV rays. The year to date high reached 9.4 on the 27th, a reading well into the range of  very high/extreme, the highest readings on the UV index scale. Remember, exposure to UV rays can cause numerous health problems, such as sunburn, skin cancer, skin aging, cataracts, and can suppress the immune system.

Looking forward, as of today (July 3) we’ve already had more than two inches of rain in the new month. During all of last July we had more than 7 inches of rain. This all preceded the deluge that was to come in August and September.

San Pancho Rain - July 2010

San Pancho Rain - July 2010

Last July and July 2009 both had about seven and a half inches of rain. Let’s see if this year follows that pattern. We’ve already got nearly seven inches of rain for the year.

In an effort of full disclosure, take a look at what your humble servant wrote on this blog just a year ago when writing about total precipitation for the year to date:

January 1 – July 1 2008: 6.92 inches

January 1 – July 1 2009: 7.91 inches

January 1 – July 1 2010: 5.19 inches

We’re falling behind!

Falling behind? Well, last August and September we certainly made up for that. Now that San Pancho and Sayulita now have spanking new bridges, let’s hope that we stay well behind last years rainfall records!

If you are really into looking at the historical stats, we’ve got four years worth at this page of the San Pancho Weather site, more weather history than at any weather station north of Puerto Vallarta here on the beautiful coastline of the Riviera Nayarit.

And if you are reading this note in the U.S.: Happy Fourth!


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