Posted by: senorwx | October 15, 2011

Jova Avoids San Pancho

Hurricane Jova came ashore far south of San Pancho last week. Sadly, at least six lives were lost in the Cat 2 Hurricane that quickly had the punch taken out of it by the Sierras.

The good news is that Jova turned out to be a non-event for San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico. I happened to be out of town for this storm.

A friend of mine who was there summed it up well, “The wait was intense and everyone did a lot of pre-prep, all for naught.”

Better to prepare than be unaware when it comes to tropical storms!

The October 12th event brought us about an inch of rain and some wind gusts, but no big surf or other severe weather events to report.

The San Pancho Weather Station received a lot of traffic this week, from Mexican, U.S. and Canadian viewers. And those folks used our links to the NOAA sites which provide such great detailed information. It’s great that the U.S. Weather Service provides tracking information for storms well beyond the landmass of the contiguous 48 states.

It has been nearly a decade since San Pancho has been significantly affected by a Pacific hurricane. Our luck has held out once again.

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