Posted by: senorwx | December 4, 2011

Nice Beach!

I’ve been away from San Pancho for a while. The remarkable thing to me is how our beach now looks. Just like it did about a year and a half ago. Before the ravaging rainstorms of September 2010.

A beautiful smooth beach, north and south, with no “shelfs”, and none of those crazy paths the rio was taking along the beach from time to time.

The beach is back! And we didn’t have to do a thing but wait. No human intervention. No fretting about loosing one of San Pancho’s most important assets. Nope. None of that. Just time.

The November high temperature was 88 F with most days in the 80 – 85 range. The low reached the upper 50s with most overnight low’s hovering around 70, until the end of the month when things cooled off a bit. Looking back at last year, the highs were comparable, but the over night low stayed above 60 all month long.

Only a trace of rain during the month. Last year we had just a little less than an inch. Here’s the grapg on this year’s rainy season:

Rainfall in San Francisco/San Pancho, Nayarit, MX for 2011

Rainfall in San Francisco/San Pancho, Nayarit, MX for 2011

And kudos here to Frank Smith, our erstwhile “Mr. Turtle” in San Pancho. In November Frank celebrated 20 years in town when he undertook the marine turtle program. Hats off to him and his volunteers (he needs more) for this wonderful enterprise we can all be proud of. Learn more about Grupo Ecologico De La Costa Verde online. And order the latest edition of the town directory which helps support the group’s activities. Just click here!

(updated 12/6 to reflect Frank’s two decades in town!)



  1. Thank you so much for keeping track of the weather for us! It is very interesting and very helpful. Thanks for the mention of Frank, too. It’s actually been 20 years since he moved here, and in those 20 years the nesting turtle population has gone up from 90 nests (first season) to 945 nests (this season). What an awesome program. 🙂 Frank just celebrated his 75th birthday in November too. We are all so grateful to have him in this town! It is people like him, and you, and the others that put your passion into action that make the world a better place. Carry on my friends.


    • Thanks for the kind words…and the improvement on my math!


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