Posted by: senorwx | January 3, 2012

Yes, it is Really is that Warm!

update 1/4/12: Here’s the temperature chart for the full day. Note the dramatic temperature change just after  5 a.m.:

San Pancho Jan 3 2012 Temperatures

Shortly after five this morning, our temperature shot up like a rocket! Fifteen degrees!

Thinking there must be something wrong with the weather station instruments, I checked readings in PV and Guayabitos. Same phenomenon.

Yes, it really is nearly 80 degrees in San Pancho. A far cry from recent morning temperatures in the low 60s or upper 50s. Don’t know about you, but if I didn’t see the data, I wouldn’t believe it.

So here’s the data:

January 3 Temperatures soar in San Pancho

Can you believe it?



  1. Whoaaaaah! That IS amazing. Wonder what it will be like in June, July, August, September. Brutal? More rain as a result of more water evaporating over the great reservoir the Pacific? Good for some who need the water, not so good for those who have plenty…………..That’s why Socialism is so difficult to implement………………..inequality is wired into the core of life on earth!


  2. I am living on Kauai island, Hawaii this winter so far and the temperatures are usually around 75 day and 70 night here on the East side of the island………I am on the SAME latitude as San Pancho here…….we are neighbors across some 2500 miles in a direct line East and West………..when I am in PV, Bucerias, Sayulita, San Pancho and Guayabitos I look West out across the Pacific and think about Hawaii being straight West of our communities on the mexican Pacific Coast and now I am there right now, Hawaii………………….Hello to all there in San Pancho, I miss the vibe there………………..perhaps you will see me back there in February when I return for my 55th trip to Mexico since 1966………………..OMG, I’m an old timer from when Mexico was really primitive and I could get a hotel room for 2 bucks! Happy Trails! Terry


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