Posted by: senorwx | February 9, 2012

Granizo? Si! — Hail? Yes!

It started as a normal February morning. The low temperature was 63 around 8 o’clock, not the coolest morning in recent days. And there were those dark clouds over the moutons to the east, blocking the sun.

But all that usually changes between 8 and 9, so off to the beach with Oro as is my usual want. But today was not the usual.

About 9:30 or so, just as I was walking along the beach in front of Costa Azul, some damned bird nearly got me with a big plop of white poop right in front of me. And another. And another! Never had I been attacked so relentlessly by the terns.

But then there were more white “things” falling all around me. And my brain kicked in. Hail. Hail? Hail? Yes. Hail on San Pancho’s mile-long beach on February 9, 2012. Let the record reflect this doesn’t happen every February.

Not even every 25 Februarys.(Februaries?) A friend we ran into who has lived in San Francisco, Nayarit for a quarter of decade said he’d never before seen hail. These stones ranged from pea to garbanzo bean size. And with them a measurable amount of rain, though not much: 0.01 inches at the weather station. More or less depending on where you were in town.

Hail usually happens inland, not along the shore. Hail is usually associated with a thunderstorm. (We had a few rumbles, but hardly a full-blown thunderstorm.) And other than one huge, very dark, very dense cloud that sat over our pueblo for about a half hour, the sun was shining on the rest of the Riviera Nayarit.

If you experienced it, perhaps you reacted somewhat the way I did. Your brain doesn’t really know how to deal with what your eyes are seeing, so it instantly fills in an explanation (like my bird poop rationalization). My friend, the flower lady, said she was in her car in town parked under a tree and upon seeing some white stuff starting to hit her car, she pulled out to get away from the birds in the tree. I’m wondering why we jump to blame the birds so quickly?

What was your reaction?

So make a note in your journal. If you were in town this morning, you witnessed a once in a lifetime event. If you weren’t here, nanner nanner. Who said there are no surprises in life?



  1. WOW! The hail…65 degrees my car said….they were the size of a half marble. It was a amazing thing to see…magical!


  2. Wow, that is so interesting to hear of hail on a beach in Mexico, but, there are MANY Mexican beaches as you know and many people who may have witnessed hail on some beach along both coasts through the years just have not written about it because mainly they don’t know about Mexico that well, and they don’t stay there as long as the very few, and they may be Mexican without access to a site such as yours………… conclusion is that nature has bestowed many such hails on beaches in that latitude throughout recent and past history in that country on Mexican beaches because, who is out walking at three in the morning on a beach in Mazatlan or Puerto Escondito and has had access to a computer lets say only 20 years ago…………….I am on Kauai right now and we are on the same latitude as where you are, close to the Tropic of Cancer (I’m a Cancerian) and many strange things are happening here also…………..all just a drop in the bucket of ecological and meteriological illogical history on this planet……………..but, I certainly can see why you would feel like “What the hail is happening” in such an instance……………..Terry Montagne..


  3. And thanks mucho for all that you do there to keep us up to date with San Pancho weather………………I really like to know what the weather trend is so I can plan my trips. Thanks again and hope we meet sometime in the future………….


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