Posted by: senorwx | April 1, 2012

Marching to Spring

The weather has changed over the past week in San Pancho. It feels like things are warming up just in time for the Semana Santa visitors and celebrations.

A friend from the Northeast asked if, in fact, it had gotten warmer in recent days. And, indeed it has.

The month of March had an average temperature of 70 degrees in San Pancho, but the last week (Mar 25 – 31) averaged 74 degrees. The overnight lows moderated during the week. Take a look at the daily temperature trends:

San Pancho temps Mar 25 - 31 2012

San Pancho temps Mar 25 - 31 2012

Compared to last year, we’ve just had a more “normal” March. In 2011 we had a cooler than usual March, with the average of the month was 68, the coolest march since 2008. And the last week of the month in 2011 did not show the warming trend overnight we’ve just experienced.

There was no rain recorded during the month, which is typical. Our five years of records indicate nothing more than a trace amount (.05 inches or less) of precipitation in March.

What do we have to look forward to in April? Compared to our average temperature for last month, we’ll have more of the same. The average temperatures for April are in the low 70s, usually around 73 for the month

Unless we have another month like April 2009 when the average was 78 degrees in San Pancho.

Whatever the weather, we know there is a lot of great weather ahead before the rains come. Great weather for swimming, sunning, and whatever your favorite outdoor activity. Like fishing, for example.

Fishing off the breakwater at San Pancho

Fishing off the breakwater at San Pancho


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