Posted by: senorwx | May 31, 2012

This Bud Lite Wasn’t for Us

Hurricane season here on the Pacific Coast of Mexico got off to an early start this year with the appearance of Aletta in mid-May and Bud later in the month. Though Bud fell apart at landfall, he packed 110 mile an hour winds while over the Pacific. (Thanks for the renaming of the storm Heather!)

Just how early are these storms. A bit, but not unusual. Storms have formed “off-season” in December, January, February and May in the past, with Omeka the earliest in recent history, forming on December 20, 2010. That was the year of our heavy rains and flooding here in San Pancho. The year the rains just wouldn’t stay away.

According to Wikipedia, “Since 1959, only 14 Pacific hurricanes are known to have reached Category 5 and only one made landfall while at this intensity.” On the other hand, “Since 1900, 95 Pacific hurricanes have attained Category 4 intensity, of which four made landfall at that strength.”

It’s comforting to know that the highest known recorded rainfall totals associated with a tropical cyclone in Mexico have not occurred along the Nayarit coast. You’ll find the top ten list here at Wikipedia.

You’ll find tons of Pacific hurricane information here. If you want the details on every storm track since 1950, you’ll find it here. At that same page (scroll way down) you’ll find a list by decade of every storm since 1949, although those back then they weren’t named.

We’ll keep an eye on the warnings from NOAA at the San Pancho Weather Station. And the link to those watches and warnings is always available on our home page.

Now that we’ve got about an inch of rain on the record for the month of May, it’s time to get into the beginning of the 2012 rainy season here in San Francisco, Nayarit.

Got Impermeabilizante?


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