Posted by: senorwx | August 6, 2012

Warm on the Way

We’ve had two very warm months back to back: June and July. So maybe another month and we’ll be through the hot, hot summer in San Pancho, Nayarit? Not.

My best friend and I (who were not in town for the first time in five years last summer) were thinking that the warm weather is bearable for a few months. So with two months down, certainly we were past the mid-point of hot and humid days here in San Francisco.

Of course we are wrong. There are miles to travel, months to go before we should expect relief. Think November.

Our high temperature in July was 92 degrees F., the average temperature for the month was 82. (This number is the result of taking all hours of every day and averaging them.)

Not much different from last July: 92 for the monthly high; 81 for the average temperature.

The Heat Index comparison shows a high of 107 this year, 109 last July.

We enjoyed more hours of sunshine this year than last (265 v. 246). We also had a higher solar radiation average than July 2011 (259 W/m^2 v. 223).

July 2012 had fewer days with rain than a year ago: 15 v. 22. And we had less rain this year than last: 7 in v. 22. Before you rush to the conclusion that this year’s rainfall is unusually low, make note that July 2009 and 2010 both registered only about 7 inches of rain.

A hint of things to come can be found in the numbers from last year. Average high temperatures for August through October in 2011 were all around 92 degrees. The average temperatures for each of those months was around 82 degrees.  And the Heat Index for each of those months last year was 110 or higher! That’s a further indication that we’ve got plenty of warm weather ahead on the Riviera Nayarit.

Not until November 2011 did the maximum high for the month drop below 90. Not til November did the average temperature for a month drop below 80.

It is safe to assume we have three months more of sunny, rainy, humid, warm (hot) weather here in San Pancho. Three more months to enjoy the friendly townspeople, our excellent beach, some delightful eating spots and time to relax with a cool refreshing drink.



  1. Really appreciate the work you doing a truly local weather report!!
    Question- Sometimes when I check weather underground for Puerto Vallarta,
    there is a big difference in the rainfall amount that you record in San Pancho-is this because of the thundershowers in any given location or is San Pancho known to be drier than Puerto Vallarta?
    thanks again


    • Rainfall amounts can vary across town! Check the annal totals for SP vs PV and you’ll see that rainfall amounts average out ver the year.


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