Posted by: senorwx | September 1, 2012

Didn’t it Rain?

On the San Pancho Beach – August 2012

If you were in San Pancho during August, you know we are in the heart of the rainy season! Nearly a foot of rain fell putting our total for the year so far at more than 26 inches. With two months to go.

Ever thought about your recollection of when and how hard it has rained in the past. Tough to do. Not as easy to remember as, say an image in your mind of an event, or where you were during an event…like a heavy rainstorm.

August had four what I’d call major rain events, though there were some 17 days in all (23 last August) that had some rain or rain showers.

August 4: 1.28 inches of rain, heaviest rain falling at a little over 1 inch/hour at 9:45 pm.

August 14: 1.88 inches of rain, heaviest rain at 3 inches/hour around 6 pm.

August 19: 2.60 inches total, with heaviest rain at 7 inches/hour at 2 am.

August 31: 1.63 inches total, with an astounding heaviest rain rate of 11.29 inches/hour at one point between 7:15 and 8 pm.

If you were in San Pancho that last day of the month, you remember that heavy downpour. Highest rate of the season, even though it lasted (thankfully) for only a brief time. On the other hand, that 7 inches/hour rate on the 19th probably went unnoticed because most of us were sound asleep.

Here’s a look at the monthly rain totals to date for San Francisco, Nayarit, MX:

Rain History for San Pancho, Mexico

Rain History for San Pancho, Mexico

One of the things that has come to fascinate me the most about tracking the weather over the past several years, first in San Miguel de Allende, and then here in San Pancho for the past five years, is our inability to remember weather events very well, unless it is something spectacular like September of 2010 when were were inundated and isolated by the heavy rains.

As a kid growing up in New England, I remember a couple of hurricanes. But they were unique experiences. Living in Albany, New York with my best friend I remember a cold, cold winter with sub-freezing temperatures for an extended period. And our car literally frozen to the airport parking lot when we returned from a Florida vacation.

What weather events do you remember? Are they connected to a special event in your life? Or do you remember them because they were unique? Just how much space do you have set aside in your brain’s memory for weather events? Or is weather something that we live through and move along with no need to recollect those impressions?

I’d enjoy hearing your comments.

PS: The San Pancho Weather Station is my personal hobby. It is not a business. Not a commercial enterprise. Accepts no donations. None expected. But if you do use information from this site I would sure appreciate it if you’d credit the Weather Station so others can come here to enjoy it also. Thanks.



  1. Thanks for your weather station .I look daily to see what’s happening in my other home town.


    • Bob – thanks a lot! Appreciate your feedback.

      Hurry “home”!



  2. I also come here often – no other website tells the real story as to what is going on weather there. Love the monthly re-cap. You’re very lucky to live there. We spent a week in Sayulita during the first week of August – despite all the warnings about it being too hot – it was perfect our minds!


  3. Hi Curt
    Thanks for the site. I live in Sayulita and come here for your comments on the weather in the area. My son has a weather station in Port Alberni BC Canada. On Vancouver Island.
    I was a commercial fisherman of the BC coast and have seen a lot of weather, but nothing like the lightning storms we get here. Listening to the strikes hit so close they make you involuntarily curl up and gasp. lol…that’s something else!



    • Jose –

      Thanks for the comments! is an excellent site and your son’s commentary is interesting. He makes note of the different rain amounts at nearby locations…a topic that often comes up with my friends. Sometimes it is truly amazing how rain amounts can vary between two nearby sites.

      As for the lightening and thunder, I have never experienced these kind of storms anywhere else. As someone who grew up about a hundred miles inland from the Atlantic, I had assumed the endless, loud thunder we hear is because of our proximity to the water. But maybe not. Maybe the mountainous terrain next to the ocean amplifies the sound. I don’t know. Maybe someone else can help out here. But the storms are really impressive. And are the reason our dog Oro has a “Thundershirt”. We put that on him and then he curls up and sleeps!


      • It’s a different kind of rain up there. The 30 days and 30 nights none stop kind. That’s part of the reason I live here. The wettest place in Canada is reputed to be Henderson Lake, just down the inlet from Port Alberni. here’s an excerpt from a web site.

        Rainier yet are some of the weather stations located at fish hatcheries and lighthouses scattered along coastal BC. Among these, Henderson Lake, located between Port Alberni and Ucluelet on western Vancouver Island ranks as the wettest. The fish hatchery there received 9082 mm (nearly 30 feet) of precipitation in 1997.


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