Posted by: senorwx | October 8, 2012

Rainy Season Over?

October is well underway, we’ve just past last year’s total rain amount (37.56 this year vs 36.11 in 2011), so it gets one to wondering about how much more rain we might have this month, the “end” of the rainy season.

The total annual amounts for the five years of San Pancho Weather Station records:

2012    37.56 inches (as of Oct 8)

2011     36.11

2010     55.70 (you remember)

2009     39.24

2008     44.43

The average of those four years is 44 inches, but that includes the Deluge of September 2010. However, we did reach that average back in 2008.

As for October rain, the record reveals:

2012     2.19 inches (as of Oct 8)

2011     2.71

2010     0.25

2009     3.79

2008     0.22

The average rainfall for October is 1.74 and we’ve already exceeded that at 2.19. You can see that 2009 was an exceptional year and that 2010 and 2008 only had a trace amount of precipitation.

What is interesting about this year is the number of days when we’ve had a significant rainfall–Rain Days. We are below all previous years for rain days through October. Several folks have asked about there being less rain this year. I think not. There have been fewer rain days rather than less rain.

2012     62 rain days (as of Oct 8)

2011     69

2010     74

2009     75

2008     80

You’ve got the facts above. As for November and December, there’s really never any significant rainfall then, with one exception: December 2009 when we had 3 inches!

So now the prognostication based on this information is up to you. My guess: we’ll probably have another inch. But I wouldn’t bet the weather station on it!

Meantime, for those of you anticipating a return to the Riviera Nayarit soon…we missed you…and here are a few scenes from the Independence Day celebration last month and a few shots down at the beach and lagoon a couple of mornings ago.

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  1. Thanks for your work! Cynthia and I return on Nov. 4. Our best to you and Cele!


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