Posted by: senorwx | November 4, 2012

October Rainfall Pushes San Pancho Total Past 2011

The end of October brings the unoffical end of the rainy season here on the Riviera Nayarit. You can pretty much leave that paperback novel sitting out on the patio without worrying about rain. For the most part.

San Pancho had 3.5 inches of rain in October, most of it occurring on the 8th and 15th. Our total for 2012 to date is 38.78 inches, compared to last year’s 36 in. You’ll find the totals for previous years on the home page of the San Pancho Weather station.

Daytime highs were consistently at or just below 90 degrees. The average heat index was 88 degrees, with the latter days of October getting downright comfortable with lower humidity. Interestingly enough, our October daytime highs were within a few tenths of a percent of 92 F. for the months of June, July, August, and September.

For returning friends and those of us who have enjoyed the summer in town, here’s a peek at what to expect this month based on our five-year database:  daytime temperatures averaging  76 F., the daytime high temperature in the upper 80’s and overnight lows hovering around 60. You can turn off the A/C.

Now about that “for the most part” from the opening paragraph. It is likely we’ll have trace amounts of rain during November (we’ve already had 0.02 of same), but the last four year average for the month is 0.17 of an inch. Not even enough to keep the dust down!


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