Posted by: senorwx | December 2, 2012

Yes it Was a Hot November!

It was a November like most Novembers. Not!

I can’t count the number of amigos that asked about the warm weather we had last month. They all said it seemed warmer. I agreed. But you know our recollection of weather conditions can be very unreliable.

This November was the exception that broke the rule about how faulty our weather memories can be. Indeed it was warm this November. Warmer than any November on record with the five-year-old San Pancho Weather Station. Take a look at the Average Temperatures for November in the red box below.


This average is based on all the recorded hourly temperatures in San Pancho 24/7 for the entire month. November 2012 exceeded previous year averages by 6 – 8 degrees! A significant difference.

And take a look at the rest of the summer months. That’s right, the warmest June through October season on record at the San Pancho Weather Station.

Total rain for the month was just a trace on November 3rd. Precipitation for 2012 is just shy of 39 inches, making this year’s rainfall an average amount. Check the annual amounts on the home page of the San Pancho Weather Station.

If you were in town, you no doubt felt the high pressure system and cooler temperatures rapidly move in the day after the full moon. At 4:45 p.m. November 29, the temperature was 75 degrees F. At 8:00 pm it had dropped to 70 degrees. Five degrees in three hours. That’s dramatic when you consider that most days the late afternoon (pre-sunset) temperatures will slowly go down a degree at a time through about midnight and might not even drop by five degrees.

As my friend Bill noted, it felt like someone had thrown a switch that brought in the cool area. November 29th…the day summer ended this year in San Pancho.

Early November Morning on the San Pancho, Nayarit, Beach

Early November Morning on the San Pancho, Nayarit, Beach


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