Posted by: senorwx | January 1, 2013

Beginning a New Year With Rain

Five years of record-keeping at the San Pancho Weather Station and this is the first time we’ve had a rainstorm in January. Chilly temperatures and almost an inch of rain during the first two days of the New Year. One for the record books!

December 2012 in San Pancho had higher temperatures and was cloudier than 2011. The high temperature for the month was 85, compared to 81 a year ago. The highest recorded December reading was 87 in 2009. December 2012 was also cloudier than the previous year, as we had fewer hours of sunshine than a year ago. The December Heat Index, a computation of temperature and humidity (the “feels like” temperature) was 74, compared to 71 in 2011.

For the year 2012, the average temperature was 77 degrees, warmer than 2010 and 2011 when the average annual temperature was 75. The number of days with significant rainfall was 69, the same as 2011. The only significant rainfall on record at the Weather Station for December is 3 inches back in 2009.

Yearly rainfall totaled just more than 39 inches, three inches more than 2011. (You’ll remember 2010 and the floods with 56 inches.) A few sprinkles hit town on the last day of 2012, a sign of the approaching New Year’s rain here on the Riviera Nayarit.

What to expect in the New Year? Based on our five years of data, January will have high temperatures in the low 70’s and lows in the mid to upper 50s. The Heat Index will be in the low 70s, wind speeds will average around 1.5 miles per hour, the barometric pressure will be about 29.95, and the precipitation will be…usually is…near zero!

For local daily information, check in with the San Pancho Weather Station where there are statistics galore if you browse beyond the home page. Better yet, if you’re in town, turn off the computer and head for the beach and bistros in San Pancho and enjoy this delightful pueblo to its fullest.

From your Weather Station pals, Happy 2013! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Christmas Poinsettias



  1. Hope you get the regular weather sorted out for February !
    Are things nice and green?


    • The rain and chilly weather are (mostly) an anomaly (I hope).


  2. Greetings from Hawaii. We are directly across from you on the same latitude on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Temps in the day are around 75-82 and during the night about 68-72. Pretty even. The American vibe is much more prevalent here than in San Pancho. I miss Meheeco! My last trip was two months there last June and July. Man was it hot. That was my 55th trip to Mexico since 1966. Not sure when I’ll return again but one never knows. It certainly is a different Mexico from what it was on my first trip there on a bicycle in August of 1966, a ten day trip from Northern Arizona to Guaymas through the Sonora Desert in AUGUST! Maximiliano. The best to everyone.


    • Great to hear from the “far west”! If you do venture back, please stop by.


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