Posted by: senorwx | July 1, 2013

Summer Comes to San Pancho, Nayarit

A bunch of new weather records for 2013 were set in June here at the San Pancho Weather Station. A sure sign that summer is here. Daytime high temperatures were in the upper 80s F (30 C) and overnight lows (occurring just before sunrise) were in the upper 70s F (24 C).

June temps San Pancho

June 2013 temperatures in  San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico

June 23 was the date of the high temperature for the month and year: 90 F degrees. Last year the high temperature was 92 degrees, a mark reached in June, July and August.

Early Sunday morning, June 30, we set a new annual Wind Speed record: 19 mph! A sudden burst of wind, a thunder clap or two, a couple of sprinkles, and it was all over. Wind gusts around 20 mph aren’t that unusual here on the coast. The highest wind speed recorded by the San Pancho Weather Station was 42 mph in July of 2009.

The Heat Index set a new yearly record on June 12: 101.8 F. This index is an apparent temperature reading which uses temperature and the relative humidity to determine how hot the air actually feels. Last year’s record was 112 degrees heat index in August.

A new annual high UV index was set for San Francisco, Nayarit on the 25th of June: 9.1 . Remember, a reading of 7 or more on the heat index scale of 10 means the ultraviolet rays are dangerous and you should avoid direct sunlight for extended periods. If it’s a sunny summer day in San Pancho you can bet the UV index will be more than 7!

Finally our rainy season got underway with the help of remnants of hurricane/tropical storm Cosme, which also brought some spectacular surf to the San Pancho beach. Total rainfall for the month was 2.41 inches, about a half an inch less than last June.

You can track all of the San Pancho readings and statistics at the San Pancho Weather Station and follow us at our new Facebook page at  San Pancho Weather Station. We hope you will like us!


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