Posted by: senorwx | August 14, 2013

San Pancho Weather – New High Heat Index for 2013

The Heat Index is a “feels like” reading, a combination of the actual temperature and the amount of humidity in the air.

This afternoon, August 14th, in San Pancho/San Francisco, on the Riviera Nayarit of Mexico, we reached 109.5 °F at 4:08 PM.

That’s still short of the all-time high of 113.7 from last August.

Even enjoying comida at the beach this afternoon with a nice breeze coming onshore, it still felt damned hot! 



  1. Some like it hot! Spent last summer in SP. Thinking about coming back this summer still to enjoy the rain. Looks like it will be a very warm rain if I do get there. Know of any places i could live? May stay on until next Spring. My next trip to Mexico will be trip number 56 through the years. I remember hotels for two bucks. Where did those days go? Same way millions of years go….they just move on into the future. Hope you are well down there. Maybe we meet someday. Do you know Kathleen in the wheelchair? Say hello to her if you see her. 

    Bye for now and say hello to the ocean, the trees, the wind and the heat for me……and a special hello to the beach dogs…..     Terry/Maximiliano



    • I’ll pass along your greetings to all and hope we get to meet soon!


  2. Looks like you sent your weather north. Way north. It’s been in the thirties here (90sF) with heat index over 105 f.

    We are not used to this kind of humidity.


    • Happy to send some of our heat supply Norte!


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