Posted by: senorwx | August 15, 2013

New Hot Highs and Rain at Last!

It’s been an interesting 16 hours for San Pancho weather between 4 pm the 14th and 8 am on the 15th:
There was the most significant rainfall in many days: 1.47 inches today (Aug 15). Some fell around 4 a.m., but most of the rain fell between 7 and 8 a.m. Tthe heaviest rain rate: 5 in/hr at 7:30 a.m. The yearly total now: 14 inches.
The high heat index for the year was registered:  109.5 °F on 14 Aug 2013 4:01 pm.
The high temperature for the year: 91.6 °F on 14 Aug 2013 6:01 pm. 
Here’s more news from the San Pancho Weather Station. You can now follow us on Twitter and receive hourly updates on the weather conditions in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico. Follow us at San Pancho Weather @Senorwx. In addition to the hourly updates (around the half hour mark) we’ll also add timely information on weather events in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico.
But wait, there’s more!
Check out our new Facebook Page: San Pancho Weather Station. Enjoy!


  1. You’ve been busy!


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