Posted by: senorwx | November 13, 2013

Oh what a beautiful morning in San Pancho!

Update 10 pm Nov 13, 2013: This was not only the coolest morning of the year, it was the hottest day of the year at 96.8 F at 2:28 this afternoon (36 C). More than that: this was the highest temperature ever recorded by the San Pancho Weather station in nearly six years! Thanks to Bill Mitchell for the heads up!


The temperature at sunrise today, the overnight low shortly after 7 a.m. was 70.1 F! Let me repeat that: 70.1 degrees (21.2 C).

That is remarkable because it is the first time since June 31 that we’ve had an overnight low of 70 degrees. That’s nearly a half year since the temperature dipped that low.

You’ve noticed the daytime temperatures and heat index diminishing over the past week (see our home page at and the nighttime temperatures have moderated too.

This must be the turning point, the change in the seasons for 2013. If you’ve been following us, you’ll know it has seemed like an endless hot summer, in spite of  the fact that our weather patterns this year have been nothing but normal.

Still, this must be the turning point for this year to cooler weather.

It must be.




  1. The next time we see a temperature as high as 70 will be when we head South in February. If we make 32 these days its not bad!! You don’t want to know the low temperature, it would bribing tears to your eyes.


  2. Curt,
    Correct me if I’m wrong but was today, November, 13 2013 also the hottest day that you have recorded in San Pancho. Looking back through your stats I see no other day that exceeded 96.8 degrees. Could that be right?
    Bill Mitchell


    • Absolutely! An all-time high! Thanks for pointing it out!


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